just installed windows xp, defense wont wont work properly

need someone from the comodo company to help. i have the free version at this time but i want to subscribe,but not before this problem could be fixed.can anyone help.

Help us help you. Describe your problem in detail.

Yep, sorry my reply is so late. basically there is a message in red in the bottom left hand corner of the comodo screen that comes up when opened from the task bar, saying, defence+is not functioning properly. i have reinstalled many times and today after the initial scan it had found a virus and said it needs to be restarted for the virus to be fully deleted.

ApplicUnsaf.Win32.AdWare.BHO.~UR(ID = 0xcce16) C:\Program Files\snav\Snav.dll

after i restarted,my comodo install couldnt be found on my computer, except for maybe an empty folder, although i cant be sure, i just know there was some trace that it had actually existed before. it couldnt be uninstalled. I installed again and as it checked for updates the usual first screen come up asking if i would want to be connected to any networks found on this computer. I clicked no, because there are no netwroks on my computer, and then it proceeded to find updates do an initial scan and it didnt find any viruses…and again… ‘defence+is not functioning properly’. Im not a wizz at computers, but i hope that helps. if anyone has any ideas please send a message.

Try to run CIS main window → Miscellaneous → Diagnostics it could fix your problem

Also could you tell what OS are you running, do you use administrative user or not ans are there any other security applications like anti-viruses, Firewalls, Spy-ware removers e.t.c