Just Installed NEW V.4.25 & Seems....

to be working just fine thanks :BNC! Manually un-installed v.4.24.
One Note: I know it does put icon in sys tray but NOT on desktop. Since I like having on desktop , for BOTH user desktops (individually), I just created a right click “send to my desktop” shortcut to get icon there.
I find this useful for restarting Comodo BOClean when, for whatever reason (such as playing local A-X game Zuma Deluxe which BOC causes stuttering video during play), I decide to shut down BOClean & then wish to re-start without re-boot.

Just thought I’d mention for benefit of others who may also have reason, & wish to re-start without re-booting.

Thanks again for providing such a useful program!! (:CLP)

Thanks for that sandybeach - with regard to the stuttering with Zuma, have you tried dragging the file into BOClean’s excluder?