I have been reading for ages on the web site and on the forum, please can someone explain how this works. at the moment I have a black screen that flicks green every 10 secs which im hoping is normal???

I did an internet scan doctor and it told me I had 4 threats in my temp internet folder says they are from bad sites and are harmful I cant understand what they could be as I really on use ebay and hotmail, havent been in any bad sites that im aware of. Will Boclean find these threats and remove them? I cant tell its just an icon and its not telling me anything?

I may sound a little nieve, yes i am, not very computer literate sorry. So can someone maybe spare a few minuts and offer some advice if possible.

Thanks very much (:AGL)


Are you reffering to the screen in the system tray? If so it should look like that in the picture at the bottom of this post. The green flickering shows when BOClean is scanning something in memory.

If BOClean is missing something can you submit the file to bocleansubmissions [ at ] comodo.com and malwaresubmit [ at ] avlab.comodo.com

Please ZIP and password protect the files, and include the password in the email.


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Hi Mike,
Thanks for getting back to me if you are refferring to the picture with the blue screen then my screen is showing black in the system tray with flickering green light. and the files I have been told i have on my computer are “content .IES” I have deleted them from the temp internet folder maybe that is why boclean has not located them either that or the site was lying to me in order for me to purchase there clean up package. That is why i downloaded boclean as it was recommended.

back to question is a black screen with flickering green light ok (in the sytem tray)


Sorry Mike your attachment has just appeared on screen now it wasnt there when i read your reply, yes that is what it looks like thanks


Yes the black screen, with flickering green light is normal - BOClean is working. What was name of the scanner you used to check your computer?



it was www pctools dot com and it was a program called spy doctor

P.S thanks (:CLP)


PCTools Spyware Doctor is a legitimate program, I would trust their results. I can’t find anything definite on what content .IES may be, but if you deleted it then you should be fine. If it was malware BOClean may not have detected it if it hadn’t run (i.e hadn’t been loaded into memory).


Hi Mike,

Thanks very much, Looking at the date it found its way onto my computer it has seemingly been there since 2005 !!! I have not experienced any problems and Spy doctor said it can trace you to your bank account if you bank online which i do. So it must not have been active thankfully I just highlighted the 4 files and deleted them and then deleted them from my recycle bin. I seen something similar at work and they could not be deleted manually our It specialist had to be called to remove them. they caused any search results to appear with listing of complete filth and such like. I have not experienced anything like that so after speaking with you I think i feel better and will put my trust in Boclean to keep me safe. Many thanks you have been very kind.

Best wishes

You’re more than welcome. :wink: Good luck with BOClean. I’ll lock this thread as it is resolved, but if you would like to add anything feel free to contact me or another mod to get it unlocked.