Just installed CIS on 32 bit vista, now the computer just loops the start-up...

I have just installed CIS 3.8.65951.477 on my daughters laptop & all the computer does now is loops the start-up process (i.e. you switch the computer on, you get the Microsoft Coropration Screen with the green progress bar, the the screen goes black with the mouse pointer on it, then it re-starts.)

Very frustrating!

The laptop is running Vista Home Premium (32 bit)

What do I do?

Well, I guess the only option is to boot to safe mode and uninstall/reinstall.
When you see the BIOS screen (the screen before the Windows loading screen) continually press F8 and then select Safe Mode and uninstall CIS. Then reboot to normal mode and clean our your registry with something like Reg Seeker or the registry cleaner in CSC. Then try a fresh install.

Thanks… I have done this a few times now, but to no avail :-[

I’ll give it another go using the older version & see how I go…

Are you planning on using the AV in CIS? Later versions than .477 are not compatible with the new signature updates for the AV.

So what do I need to do then?

Download the latest version of CIS (3.9.95478.509) here.

I have tried that too… Laptop still keeps looping 88) I’ve had to revert back to using Comodo for the Firewall & Avast for the Anti Virus :-TD