Just installed CIS and having slight issue with CCleaner....

I just installed CIS, was using Norton. :o When I run CCleaner (registry portion) this eventually pops up again and again even after I clean it.

ActiveX/COM Issue CIS.CisDebugInjector - {BBB01528-20FE-4bc2-9D26-C70E3ABB9CD19} HKCR\CIS.CisDebugInjector

Can anyone tell me why I’m seeing this and if it’s ok to add to the exclude list?

Everything else with Comodo seems to be working just fine.

Also have another question about registration key (didn’t want to start another thread). I’m using CIS (free) and see that I can enter a registration key, at some point will CIS expire and I will have to obtain a registration key? Or will CIS just stay the same and I will not have to register?

The key belongs to CIS so I would advice to leave it in the registry.

When you are using the free version you don’t have to register or fill in a registration key. The registration key is only for people who use the paid version.

Great, thanks for the info!