Just basic question

This is maybe naive question, but I want to know something.
I made fresh installation of CIS and chose to use Comodo secure DNS.Do I still have to type DNS server addresses in Internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties?

There are already written in so you don’t need to write them; When you open the settings of (TCP/IP) you will see that something is already written. :slight_smile:

Tell me if your question answered.

Valentin N

I have accepted Comodo SecureDNS during installation.Later, I wasn’t type nothing in Internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties.My internet connection was definitely quicker after that.But, in properties still stood obtain DNS server address automatically and DNS server addresses weren’t and after a while I typed these addresses and everything was the same (regardind connection) .I’m a little confused about that.And I’m using Windows XP and have cable connection.

I am sorry if I was unclear. I think you should have Comodo dns. I will try something that so you can check if you have Comodo dns is on or not. (I will update this post.)

Update: try this link you should get a warning. It’s not a bad site but comodo says it is.

Valentin N

Thanks Valentin N for your effort.

Strange, I have opened that link (some Manga site) and everything was the same with Comodo DNS servers (I typed addresses) and without them.I didn’t see any warning.

I gave this link because comodo dns is blocking it. You have to otherwise write in those ip addresses in TCP/IP

Did you try to look at the pics and see if comodo dns blocks it?


I tried to open pics and Comodo DNS didn’t block them.

try to write a wrong website. and tell me if comodo will tell you something.

Anyway, I use Comodo DNS over two weeks and hadn’t see any warning (although I rarely visit potentially dangerous sites) .Maybe somehow Comodo DNS doesn’t work for me?

Yes, I got a warning from Comodo that site doesn’t exist.Now, I’m totally confused. :slight_smile:
Have I Comodo DNS service or not?

EDIT-I forgot, when I switch to Obtain DNS server address automatically, I don’t receive any warning from Comodo.

That means that you have comodo dns :slight_smile:

Yes and that’s a good news but seems that’s working a little strange and I have to type Comodo DNS server addresses.

Thank you Valentin N very much.

I thank you for taking your time to listen to me :slight_smile:

Valentin N