"Just Ask"

I have been a Comodo user for a long time now, and in the past, I had a license key that was provided to me because I was unable to pay for it. There was a thread called “If you can’t afford then just ask”. I searched for it today, because I was unable to remember exactly what it was titled. After finding it, I saw that it was a closed thread, much to my dismay.

I wanted to know if there was anything like it today, or some way in which I would be able to obtain a legitimate license key for my computer, as I am unable to purchase the keys. I do not have a sad story to tell. I am a user just like the rest of the forums, simply unable at the moment, to purchase a legitimate key. I Appreciate your time in reading this and appreciate the service that Comodo has given us.

which product are you talking about…?

I believe at the time it was CIS Complete. They gave out license keys for 3 pcs in the same household. I looked, but I do not see this anymore, sadly. :frowning:

Alright. Thanks anyway.