Just an idea for CAMAS - Maybe Stupid

I don’t like this uploading stuff even if it is Virus Total

I have an idea but maybe it is really stupid

There are websites that rip the mp3 from Youtube online and give it to you

Like this one


Can it be possible to integrate a similar feature into Camas so that I just need to give the link for the suspicious item instead of uploading it?

So, that Comodo will download the suspicious item from the link at real time online and extract and scan it and add it to their database


Nice Idea

I like this idea! 8) (:CLP)


I’ll rather have Comodo do it automatic for me(LAZY) ;D ;D ;D
Cause, if the user download much - He will needing to submit files to that 24/7. Why not just let comodo do it for you? ;D

You mean downloading all things on the net even before user even ask for it? I don’t think it is possible since the net is too big.

It’s an idea for cloud computing for sure.
But there is no other way besides uploading if the file is in your computer… there is no link to point it out.

Yes, but most of these files come from the internet

This feature could be an addition and an innovation if the CAMAS webpage can have this feature as even Virus Total don’t have this feature…

It can be an option in the webpage of CAMAS

As you know… I tested different Security Softwares. The most of links is .exe’s.
And when I run these, they just go into Memory and do what they do. How will you submit a “file” that is in memory, but not in a folder?

CIS 2011 will automatically submit files to CIMA and then send you the result. At least it sounds at this point as if this is the plan.