Just an idea... Comodo forum gathering?

How about it? Comodo forum gathering? Every US Comodo forum user can meet up somewhere in the USA? UK Comodo users can meet up somewhere in the UK? And so on. So we can get the better picture about Comodo users, to discuss security issues, new ideas and make new friends. We can even use Skype to connect with others across the globe. I’m sure UK moderators would like to meet me in person LOL! I know it goes all against the whole idea of forum and it would not be so easy to meet up as we all have lives and live in different parts but why not try? ;D 8)

Nobody agree with me? Nobody want to do it? Wow…

It could change our thoughts about each other forever.
Maybe we are all shy. :wink:

And becoming a Nerd as well 88)

Maybe me and SiberLynx will go hunting to some forest.

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I mean at the end of the day it’s your call guys. But I was originally thinking that you all will agree and will think it’s a great idea for some reason. And after I got no reply I was: “Oh dear”. “It could change our thoughts about each other forever”. I agree sure but only for the better no? We all shy. But some of us spend so much time in here that it’s a shame to never know the person for real. Also I really wanted to have something special in here that no forum can have. Are you with me? LOL!? ;D After again… “Oh dear” LOL! :smiley:

Haha! :smiley:
That would be most likely event compare to Comodo forum gathering
… but in any case we will not meet or rather avoid meetings, since we’ll mark our hunting territories ;D


Ha ha ha LOL! This made my day! LOL! ;D :-TU

Hi Seany007,
I am not for or against but I am sure I am to far away. ;D
We are all special/unique in our own way.

Seany007, I will help you.
You chirps about the meeting there:

Do not forget to lay out a photo: Me and my сраная cat against the background of my car…

What is chirps? And stop being offensive. What is wrong with you?

“Do not forget to lay out a photo: Me and my сраная cat against the background of my car…

What is chirps?

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:-La Create your own a cozy blog…

Senya, when you come to us to Kolyma… please come to visit us…

No. I’m not Senya. I’m Mr. Sean to you. Stop calling me like that like I’m your mate. I will not come to Kolyma if people there like you. Rude with no need.

Seany007 > Sean Connery ? :o

lol. most of the people in this forum is a nerd about computer software.

Hi Seany007,
Chirp - Syn: twittering =чириканье; щебетание; весёлая болтовня

Hi !H,
Silly moronic Facebook & degenerative Twitter are definitely not even close to what Seany007 meant by “Comodo forum gathering?” in his initial post (let’s leave it between us… hush…sh…sh!)

As an aside note: You two, my bilingual bros, please take it easy. I’m not a moderator so accept it as really friendly remark: I’m sure we can live in peace despite being different personalities & having arguments

Then, all of us can kinda follow the “guideline”/joke posted in Reply #6 :slight_smile:

Finally, few deep breaths in order to relax

Here is an excerpt from Zappa’s lyrics & mp3 attached that is sorta a reminiscing the referred marking ;D

Save your money: don’t go to the show

Watch out where the huskies go
an’ don’t you eat that yellow snow


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lol … hahahahaha . . . . . you got that right . lol

is I ?

I personally don’t think so. No. He haven’t get it right, as far as I’m concerned.
Simply read what the term means … how many dictionaries/thesauruses do you have?

Probably “you is” , but I’m not, am I? … or rather “aren’t I”? ;D



therefore I sent there Senya with his idea


[i]Семён Семёныч берёт данные ему денеги и пистолет и кладёт их в свою сетку рядом с хлебом…

  • Семён Семёныч! Ну что вы!
  • А-а-а![/i]
... are definitely not even close to what Seany007 meant by “Comodo forum [i]gathering[/i]?” in his initial post...

Seany007, Give us your address Skype…
Wait Facebook Chat for IceDragon (as did in Firefox )
and twittering