Just a thought: Concerning mankind's future

Well, since there ain’t no MorphOS Blogs existing (yet? no…never!), and (obviously) will never be, I will try to shape my individual thoughts and fears related to the very future of human society into the following primitive WORDS.
(Please forgive me, as I am a non-English-speaking barbarian idiot)

Nowadays all people on this planet are facing BIG BROTHER laws.
For those few out there, who don’t even know what BIG BROTHER means, well, here’s a little lesson:

George Orwell wrote about them BIG BROTHER laws in 1948, calling his book, somewhat prophetically, ‘1984’.

Well, at this moment, we (i.e. “intelligent”, sorry, idiot of course, people in most parts of mankind’s living territory, i.e. EARTH) are totally aware (some more, some less) of the BIG LIE that’s being imposed upon US, THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE LIVING ON THIS PLANET EARTH…

Even at this very board, we continue (more than somewhat naively) to talk about, debate on, discuss about possible SECURITY risks somehow related to using a PC. (As if this was all we’d be concerned about…)

Only few out there are aware of the very nature of that approach, being a rather IDEALISTIC approach, indeed.

Yes, of course, we can use AV’s, HIPS, great FW’s like CPF3, some people out there even use virtualizers, anonymizers etc. etc. etc. and what thou hast not…

But, I really ask you: WHY is this necessary, and: are such procedures really necessary or helpful?

necessary for what? helpful on what? or, let’s rather say: Ain’t all those attempts destined to be simple gimmicks for making the average user feel ‘more secure’?

Well, you may call me a total idiot now, but:

As long as there is data caching by them gov’s (and certainly other instances one does not even know of) existing, there will be no privacy. And, therefore, NO SECURITY AT ALL.
And, if there’s no privacy, there won’t be any real democracy. No freedom as well.
The whole world, especially the media, are talking about them hackers and terrorists.
Aren’t there normal people existing out there, as well? And, aren’t they exactly what democracy is, by definition, all about, as it once was defined?

In my honest opinion, TOPICS on this board should not only discuss SECURITY, but also PRIVACY related things.

Oh, I know. This may be VERY off topic, because this is a SECURITY (against hackers, viruses and alike?) related board.

I did, in fact, recognize this is not a PRIVACY related board by self-definition.

BUT: If there’s no privacy, there’s no real security. Anyone out there to disagree with me? Come on, let’s go…

MELIH anywhere?
(I’d really be interested in your opinion, friend…)

But, after we all know this, for sure, so…
what is this f****** ol’ MorphOS REBOL trying to tell people out there?

OK, let’s start with it.

  1. If there is no privacy, security cannot really exist.

  2. If there is no security, privacy is in total danger, i.e. it does not really exist.

  3. Freedom and democracy are TOTALLY depending on PRIVACY and SECURITY.

  4. If there ain’t no privacy AND security, freedom and democracy CANNOT EVEN EXIST.

  5. When giving up FREEDOM to achieve “total” SECURITY by one’s gov’s, man will lose both in the end.

  6. If DEMOS (i.e. greek word for ‘people’) gives up all it’s rights to the ruling (greek: KRATEIN) people, then the DEMOS is not ‘krateining’ anymore, if you know what I mean.


  8. ANY state who doesn’t manage somehow to keep THAT TRUTH in mind::::: is no democracy at all, by self definition.

  9. Let ALL people have their say (which, at the moment, in most countries, not just being restricted to some European nations, does in fact mean that there isn’t too much of DEMOCRACY existing now.)

  10. Have a fine ■■■■ and think about it.


Somewhat :frowning:

Sad, tired, weary.


Good nite my friends.