Just a Malware question

I’m a bit puzzled about the definition of Comodo’s malware or maybe malware in whole. I know the word Malware as a word that covers all software that bugs your computer (Wikepedia).

That includes;
virus, worm, trojan, rootkit, backdoor, spyware, botnets, keystroke, dailers, phishing, DNS poisening, adware, SEO abuse and so on.

Does CIS protect us to all or is the definition not correct?

Yes it does

Thats the AV Database Update Page, You can see the different categories of Malware.

So in fact I do not need software like Spywareterminator, Spywareblaster, SuperAntiSpyware, Spywareguard or other tools what so ever? That’s great!

IMHO I Believe you don’t need those if you do have CIS since it has Prevention, but Detection is also needed that is why we have the AntiVirus, and Cure incase both Fail’s…

For those who are paranoid i would say download all those listed and more… or just throw Defense+ in paranoid mode :slight_smile:


;D My last words on in this great topic, does CIS stops them with a sort of realtimeshield of only when scanning drives?

RealTime if enabled.

Yes, Currently 3.8 does have realtime, 3.9 will have a better scanning method of “realtime”, 4.0 will have even much better scanning method and virus detecting methods


And also I wish a better “Firewall Whitelist” too.


Not true. Even with the best protection out there you still should have a good back up scanner. NO ANTI VIRUS CAN CATCH EVERYTHING. Having CIS is great but scanning once a week with SAS and MBAM is just fine and even better.

Vettetech is correct ;D

See now I get confused again. ???

Is CIS or is CIS not a malware protection?

I would prefer a solid answer from Comodo it self in stead of speculating or thinking it is.

There is no speculation here. CIS is indeed a malware protection…

What has been said is simply that no security application is 100% guaranteed to keep your system safe. It’s better to have more than one scanning option in case anything falls through the cracks.

CIS protects from all TYPES of malware but not necessarily means it can “detect” 100% malwares in the wild.

just to be safe, IMHO you should follow vette’s suggestion:

CIS does provide malware protection. The Antivirus catches ANYTHING that is bad, From Viruses, To spyware/adware and those nasty rookits. It’s not a limited free AV at all btw. Off course, No AV detects 100% of everything, And this is why CIS has HIPS (Defense+) to act as a Prevention Layer. You have 3 line of defenses here:

Prevention: Defense+ - HIPS.
Detection: Antivirus
Cure: Still AV to clean up, However the Time Machine in CIS v4 will be the real cure aspect.

PREVENTION… is your first line of defense, NOT AV! That is second, And this is how CIS’s layered Security Architecture works. If you know how to use Defense+, Nothing will bypass it. Off course, No Security is 100%, So on-demand scans with MBAM & SAS will be OK too, these are highly regarded anti malware tools for cleaning up infections.

CIS is a layered security model where prevention comes first, detection comes second. This is the paradigm shift in the way we protect our self’s, and this is what Comodo is trying to do here. :slight_smile:

P.S - If you want a serious cure solution, and are experienced PC user - COMODO Back Up v2 BETA was released. A System back up will image your entire system. If you allow a malware by Defense+, Something goes wrong you have an image to restore to. This can be a good cure aspect for now until Time Machine is in v4… Please note Backup v2 is in beta.


Look at it like this. If your Doctor says you have 2 weeks to live are you going to believe him? Or are you going to seek a second opinion. I use Avira fior my anti virus which is always on top for detection. Usually a score of 99.7% effectiveness. Even with that I still scan once a week with SAS and MBAM. These programs are free and are only used for ion demand scanning. See my point. What if something got through CIS? What if something got through Avira? What if something got through NIS? What if something got through KIS? This is why having a back up scanner is a good choice. NOTHING is perfect. Even CIS.

Great explanation, is there somewhere some writing about what Defens+ does in a certain setting and what are the best settings for it? 88)

Simply click on “HELP” in miscellaneous. D+ is a HIPS product. Simply Google it and you will find your answer. Also the best setting is Safe Mode for both the firewall and D+.