Just a little about cosmetics

In general I really think Comodo has some nice GUI:s. I like that CPF and CAVS match each other nice. Would be really cool if you could make BOClean look the same too, in a later version!

Please note, this is only strictly cosmetic and does NOT address any functional problems: You don’t seem to be completely consistent regarding “Comodo” or “COMODO”, for example when launching the GUI:s of CPF and CAVS, one prints COMODO and the other Comodo on the taskbar buttons. This also appears in the descriptions of Components, in CPF Component Monitor - different DLL:s show different names (Comodo/COMODO). Finally I think “CMDLIC.DLL” belongs to BOClean - but it says “TODO: ” and “TODO: ”.

But again, your interfaces works really great, and the colours are great. I think you will change the GUI of CPF 3.0? Not necessary in my opinion!

Thank you.