Just a hello

My first post here just to say hello and have to admit I didn’t know where else to put a hello in to everyone.

I am coming up for retirement and due to an accident (badly smashed up shoulder - prospecting) have had to give my my motorcycling and prospecting.

Have always been interested in electronics and now with computing am even more so. I am not very savvy but enough to get me by and fix friends machines that require new parts or just a ■■■■ good clean out. I am also addicted to building machines as it is such a buzz when one switches it on and it works :smiley:

I do this for free (except parts that need buying - a lot of parts I get from old machines that I get given or buy cheaply in recycle centres) as most of my friends I work with are nurses who cannot afford to take the machine to techies for a fix…

I have been testing Comodo (free) for some time now and am really very impressed.

I have been with Kaspersky now for some time myself and am considering Comodo as a replacement on one of my machines (have three) to compare results.

Well thats enough of my rambling - mods if I have put this in the wrong spot please advise me :smiley:

Hi Dragonbreath and welcome to the forum.
You are in the correct location for your topic.

Sorry to hear of your accident, hope you enjoy Comodos products and forum.

Kind regards from Captainsticks.

Welcome to the Community mate, happy posting and enjoy your stay! Am sure you’ll find more time to do your techy stuff now you’re retiring/retired.

Try and play with ESM 2.0 (End Point Security Manager) if you have many computers on your network, that would be fun for you?

sorry for jumpin in on your post but AyeAyeCaptain where can we get esm 2?i filled out that beta test form numerous times and nothin?bye the way welcome to the forum Dragonbreath

Not tried/played with it at all… but assume you can contact the comodo staff who created that thread by PM or PM Melih and ask him, when he has time he will or she will reply… or reply in the thread to ask?

Good luck in your quest to get the beta license…

oO(Comes to think of it… am gonna get my arse into testing it as soon as my 50mb upgrade comes… *ends waffle).

Sorry for late reply you fellows - shift work and shopping - you know how it is lolzzzz

I must admit that I am very impressed with this suite and as soon as my KIS on one of the machines is out I might just give the full Monty a go.

The other thing I do like it is so light on even the slow machines I put it on for some of my lesser paid workmates.

Thanks for updating us with how you are getting on… :-TU