Just a few questions

So I just started using Ubuntu 12.04 so I’m a little bit new to this. I’m starting to like it and I want to see if I could use it for a while without hitting any walls. I don’t know about many linux antivirus programs other than this and ClamAV so I was wondering how often this gets updated/maintained? I want to feel good that I’m using this, you know?

Also, are there any other things people can recommend I use to keep secure? I know how to be careful online and what not to click and whatnot. I just like to be sure that there are things to catch the bad stuff in case anything happens.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The program has been updated once (since it left beta phase) so far as I am aware - but if it’s working why would you want to update it more often?

Virus database is updated several times a day.

As far as security on 12.04 is concerned, I would suggest looking at the Ubuntu forum, and in particular the security discussions section stickies.

For what it’s worth (which may not be much because I haven’t been using Ubuntu that much longer than you) CAVL is, at present, probably not a specially important part of your linux security process in my view. Most of the die-hard linux users you’ll hear from on the forums don’t run an AV.

Things like never browsing as root, only installing from the repositories or very well trusted sources, using Noscript in FF (or Chromium with its seccompsandbox), enabling UFW, and enabling apparmor are probably far more important.

Hope you enjoy Ubuntu and CAVL.