Just a Day

OK, did you send Comodo the details as the GeekBuddy support guy asked?

Yes I did, they replied last night to give me a refund and to let me know they are putting all the info together to see what happened.

I still want to know what these tech guys are, and what kind of training they receive etc.,? I could have just clicked fix, but for live support… I was with Norton for yrs, now gone back, I had a virus, yes they charged me $80-100 but they were excellent, they called me, did the remote session, which lasted well over 1/2 hour. People moan about that, but for the year I paid £8 so any virus I get they will fix, even if it’s 1000 times. I am sorry to talk about another security vendor, Melih videos, and his idea’s are very, very good but my laptop was rendered a brick!!! I do not have a clue about fixing the MBR that’s why I contacted GeekBuddy.

sorry but the definition of a brick is that it is unfixable by the consumer, your laptop is easily fixable by you. I see that because you are in the medical field you are not stupid. So if you spend a day that you have off from work you can easily fix the MBR yourself, all of the information is available on the internet on how to do it.

But I should not have to fix it, I thought that’s what GeekBuddy was for, am I not correct? The whole point is to help with viruses and other computer issues, not to mess up, and just click fix, then blame ‘me’ for using Kaspersky TDSS, he claims this is why CCE could only clean 12 out of 54 problems he told me if I did not believe him I should run another full CCE scan, but 1st reboot, I did and wow nothing, no safe mode, I could not use the built in system restore, so how could I repair the mbr, when I do not have a clue, nor any internet connection to find a solution. I really like Comodo, but my first day was not how I thought it should go, especially since I’ve used Bitdefender and Norton for 2-3yrs and not a single problem.

you are right he should have known that when he saw an mbr infection there is a high risk of the mbr going bad, what he should have done is instruct you if the computer does not start on what to do to repair the mbr.

you can easily fix it yourself right now, take about an hour at most. Look at the links I provided, all you need a windows cd.

■■■■! ;D Good for you mate! I might give you a visit one day :slight_smile: Once you become a doctor :slight_smile:

I am already a doctor, just I’ve done my B.Sc M.Sci BM, BS at Cambridge University and MRCP now doing my PhD, well in my spare time. I am a ST1 in Neurology all good fun, well I work 60hrs a week, not fair! Yes you see my laptop never came with a windows disk, my new one does. If I back up my hard drive, everything on to a portable hard drive would that work if my computer crashed, BSOD etc.,?

Yes, it could help.

But if you say that you are not that experienced with computers, which is ok, what would you do if the portable hard drive gets ruin, lost, infected, etc?
I would recommend to have the portable hard drive, AND as additional precaution Comodo Online Storage.

Here is more info, if you need to know what does Comodo Online Storage includes.

Having both (portable hard drive and Online Backup), your data will be secure no matter where you are or what happens with your PCs.

yes backups are the most important. Also if it never came with a windows disk that is fine, you can download an ISO for the version of windows you have and burn it to a cd/dvd. That way you have one and you can easily fix this.