Just a clarification about Game Mode

Let’s assume I have two programs running in a certain moment on my PC.

Let’s call them PROG and GAME.

I set “game mode” and I launch GAME while the other program (PROG) is running also.

While “game mode” is activated, does CIS add only the rules related to GAME or also the (probable) rules “created” while running by PROG?
In other words… isn’t that while “game mode” is active ALL the rules required by ALL the programs running on my PC are automatically added without asking me? ???

That most likely would be the case since I find Game mode to be pretty much the same as Training mode as far as rules creation goes. As a gamer, I like it. I want rules automatically created for safe things and I like even better that some things will create no rules at all. What happened with me was that in Game mode the rules were not only automatically created, but the files were checked online and after being found safe were automatically added to My Trusted Files and the vendor was automatically added to the Trusted Vendors list. I consider these things to be huge improvements in usability for gamers since in previous versions some vendors, Blizzard for one, could not even be manually added to the trusted list.

I personally feel that Comodo is doing things backwards by having the Game mode manual and the Sandbox automatic. It should be the other way around.