juniper vpn client

:o can not properly install vpn client, problem is persistent for years !!!

Can you provide us with more details? Apparently it also happens when using CIS v4 beta?

xpsp3; cisv4beta, I sent NetScreen_Remote_VPN_Client.exe with Submit files, please check out.

I don’t see the installer attached to your post.

Please tell us more about where things go wrong.

think this post do not like attachments, I submit it through avirus submit.

If you want devs to look into this issue, then attach all necessary information:

If you have troubles attaching installer of the application you’re having problems with, then try to upload it to or any of the host listed there.

Meanwhile tell us where things go wrong.

trying once more to send attach.

[attachment deleted by admin]

sorry for incomplete data: xpsp3, 32bit, cisv4, notebook: p4m1.4GHz, intel 855 chipset, 1GB, 160GB.

I just installed it on Win 7 with CIS v4 beta.

The installer stalled for a minute but continued. It then said it could not install device or something like that. It installed ok after that call. Rebooted.

After reboot I could fire up all programs belonging to the JEVPN.

What exactly doesn’t work in your case?

these two reports installation before end, and after reboot i can not activate security policy.

[attachment deleted by admin]

What makes you think it is Comodo related? Are you running as admin or limited user on XP?

now, I uninstalled cis and install vpn and everything work, when I install cis again, during the shutdown process of PC, xp reports some “memory write” errors at some locations.

:frowning: when I put something from My pending files to My safe list I expect it to BE there, or I am wrong…?


  1. I activate security policy, vpn.exe is in the My own safe files;
  2. I connect to the VPN server, vpn.exe is still in the My own safe files;
  3. I start RemoteDesktopConnection to connect to the database server, I connect to the server and logoff;
  4. vpn.exe is now in the My pending files, and when I shutdown or restart the PC, during the shutdown process I get the “memory writte” error massage;

:-[ even with newest ver. the problem still exists, during the shutdown process xp reports IreIke.exe aplication error (some “memory write” error).??

:-\ MS … Outlook also has the problem, it rises up the word as text editor and CIS does not like it, it slow the system down, sometimes comes out message to save, seems there will be problems with lot of programs !!