June 1: Comodo continues to gain market share; #1 SSL authority

According to the published May monthly data by w3techs.com, an independent IT market research firm, Comodo has now captured 35.9% of the SSL certificate authority market, further increasing its number one position and furthering its lead over Symantec, which drops to an all-time low of 31.6%.

Comodo SSL market share has continued to grow month over month, ever since Comodo passed Symantec Group in late February.

Since March 1, Comodo’s market share has gone from 34.0% to the current June 1 of 35.9% (an increase of 1.9%) - maintaining and growing its number one position.

Since March 1, Symantec Group’s market share has gone from 33.1% to the current June 1 of 31.6% (a decrease of 1.5%)

Thank you to all our customers who continue to choose Comodo and put their trust and confidence in our technology.

You can read the full data posting on w3techs.com web site here: Usage Statistics and Market Share of SSL Certificate Authorities for Websites, April 2023