something on my laptop is trying to establish a connection to jumpingcrab.com as reported by running a Netstat command with an elevated command prompt.

Does any aspect of CIS initiate this connection?

TCP sendmsg.jumpingcrab.com:12080 ESTABLISHED

I have jumpingcrab.com redirect to to my local host as a precaution

I see from several other forums, you have quite a few posts gong for this. As far as the trojans discovered by malwarebytes, they may or may not be, it depends where you got the file. It’s certainly nothing do do with CIS or Avast, which you also seem to be using.

A couple of things, whose DNS servers are you using, also which addons/plugins have you installed in firefox?

What I would suggest is running Killswitch. If you’re running CIS 6 you can do this from Advanced tasks\Watch Activity. Otherwise, download CCE from:

COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2.5.242177.201 released

Just extract the archives and run Killswitch. Once done, you can post the report here. Open the Killswitch menu and select save as. zip the file an attach to a post.

just to update Have done a factory re install. everything is now clear. Thanks for all suggestions