JottiQ desktop malware scan

JottiQ desktop malware scan is available.
Scan up to three files at the same time when it is no more than 20mb
Scan without Comodo.

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!ot! hey steiner. ;D I’ve noticed how much desktop security software you found. This one requires the internet. I’ve used the service and found it helpful. However, being internet based, it isn’t reliable to use when a virus, a spyware for one, or other factors cripple the connection. Perhaps you can help me find an on-demand only scanner? !ot!

As for JottiQ, I’ve used the web service. It’s almost the same as VirusTotal. I particularly like the idea of it being a desktop scanner. On the other hand, VirusTotal scans only one file or requires you to zip files to have them all scanned. Quite a hassle. The desktop scanner seems to provide more configurability. To all others, if I may ask, which of the two would you prefer?

Hi spainach_12

1st, VirusTotal has more than that. See its new Add-on to Firefox, where you can scan files / web sites / etc.

Then, there are many on-demand only scanners … basically you can set as many as you want using all and any well known AVs.
Sometimes you need “a bit” (softly speaking :wink: ) of experience, since you have to disable what’s unneeded (services/ startups/drivers/etc.). Maintaining those is not always trivial.

You can find several Utilities, which are performing Multi-AV scanning (& cleaning).

In most cases those are Command Line Scanners, provided by AVs
But such Tools do have a GUI, which is helpful for setting up parameters more conveniently
As an example - have a look at the description of such Utility by David H. Lipman here

There are others

… but the point is - what do you mean by

You always need Internet. That has nothing to do with being “on-demand”, since none of those scanners make any sense unless you update’em one way or another

I hope you got what I mean… Say, you can use Emsisoft EEK with its best detection rate and run it from USB without any installation. But you have to download it 1st
You may use any clean computer (that has a connection alive) and you will get all recent modules and signatures. At the same time “recent” can became not really recent in 5 min after the download - you have to Update on-line in any case
… and that apply to any on-demand scanner in use.

Moreover whether it’s VT / Jotti and alike - you know well that what they show are not necessarily reliable since have a look at DB dates - many are outdated.
You have to scan multiple times actually and the picture may change dramatically within minutes / hours / or much longer period


I’m not much of a firefox user. Thanks anyway. ;D

True. But then again, signature-based av’s may be updated and used without the computer in question being connected in the internet. Jotti and VT requires the computer to be connected to the internet before a scan. Much like bitdefender’s quickscan and eset’s online scanner. Bitdefender free would have been a choice, but when I downloaded it, it was the 2009 engine. I would have liked the others, but like you said, it requires you have “a bit” of experience and maintenance nothing short of trivial. Yes, you do need the internet, but my point is, at the very least, not the computer in question. Get my point? :smiley: