Joost, VeohTV and Miro

three IPTV softwares that i came across in the following order, VeohtV been using for months has a good selection of channels, Joost I heard about on this forum when someone was having trouble with it and mentioned it, been using it a while now and it has a good selection of channels but is rarely updated with new stuff to watch and is DRM content :-\ and you need a dual core cpu for joost so that you get no lag and a broadband connection like cable whose bandwidth doesn’t drop, Joost works over a P2P network and has no buffering capabilities

Miro is the last one I came across a few days ago, has alot of channels too and alot of technology channels which I like ;D it downloads the contents to your hd but its deleted after however many days you choose in settings to keep the content.

all three IPTV’s are free and each of them has a fair bit of decent stuff to keep one entertained
all 3 softwares can be googled for by just searching for their names


Ron :■■■■

With Joost if you have the Comodo Memory Firewall installed, you will need it add it to the “Exclusions List” in the Comodo Memory Firewall, or you might find it will not start because of a Break Point error.

Another program beta for TV shows is called Hulu .

And not to forget In2TV from AOL


I tried checking out Hulu and In2TV but its restricted, Hulu is restricted to U.S viewers only and In2Tv says my region is not supported, so must be restricted to U.S viewers as well.

Any comments on Joost? I’m tempted to try it, as I’ll be able do watch things I’ve never seen before, without downloading (file sharing).

I see that the system requirements include 500 MB of free disk space. I hope that’s for caching purposes, not the very program. :frowning: Else it would by far be the most bloated program on my PC - much worse than :o


EDIT: I found this and read a bit more. Seems like the program itself needs “only” 30-35 MB.

Update: I’ve tried Joost, and the idea is not bad. One major con for me though; the Joost GUI is too heavy for my machine, despite that the PC is optimized. So I uninstalled it. Furthermore, I haven’t found a simple way to delete my Joost account. >:(