Joomla Exploits

There is two joomla exploits, that i didn’t found on the rules, but maybe i’m wrong, and i want to confirm that COMODO WAF can protect this.

First one is:
Google Maps plugin for Joomla

Second one (is old but there’s lots and lots of joomlas using this version, because users don’t update their joomlas:
COM_JCE Exploit

Does Comodo WAF can defend from this two? Competition can do this, and when i used competition rules (OWASP CRS), this was covered, and i saw on many clients this kind of attack blocked, and the antivirus upload rule, helped alot here.
But with COMODO, i didn’t see yet nothing blocked, and i’m in doubt if this is covered or not, can anyone confirm me, and if it’s not covered, is it possible to do it?