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I’ve just re-registered having been on and off this forum for what seems like a lifetime! Usually I was here with some positive feedback, occasionally to moan and sometimes because I was just plain bored but what stands this site out from all the rest is the community. Comodo is to security forums what Ubuntu is to Linux. Sure many would argue that OpenSUSE, Fedora or Mandriva are better but it’s the community that keeps Ubuntu in front. In general I find the posts here constructive, often humorous and mostly well intentioned. So, after all this effort a real copy of the AV component is available to compliment the world’s best firewall (free OR paid!). CAVS 2 was always a joke but this time there will not even be a smile in the offices of Norton, Mcafee or Kaspersky. I’m not going to imply here and now that CIS will jump immediately to the same levels as them, Avira, Avast or AVG but in truth it will be good enough for the average user who does not spend his/her life using P2P and surfing the Hong Kong porn sites! Time I am sure will strengthen the current development and my previous statement may well be reversed by the end of this year. I would like to place on record my thanks to the long suffering Melih and all the other people at Comodo who have stuck with this project in the face of much criticism. I know what it’s like to go code blind while the memos arrive on your desk like confetti but hey guys you’ve done it! My free 6 month version of Avira Premium (from Techsupportalert) is now in the bin and I look forward to working with CIS. I’ll like it even more once there’s an alternative GUI available but this is a minor point!! I’ll post again with any issues I find otherwise, thanks again - its good to be back!!

Welcome back dude, things have progressed at Comodo as if we ever doubted they wouldn’t, now they are poised to make other companies realize that they’ve REALLY understood all along that PREVENTION prior to detection is what WE as end users’ have sought so desperately to own and they will follow in time but well behind Comodo who already knew the real purpose of security all along!
Cheers man :Beer
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Welcome back midnightdungpile

Thank you for your kind words and your support. It does mean a lot to us. Afterall, this is the real reward!

We have a very nice GUI coming with CIS v4. We have been grateful to everyone who contributed with our usability study for the new GUI.

We are working on v3.9 and soon after v4 will hit the streets :slight_smile:

And our AV… I said 12 months since launch… we made some amazing progress and now have just under 1.4M signatures in our DB… (thats pretty darn good). This is why in some tests CAV is amazing some people with the results… but it will only get better… hopefully sometime in March we want to achive 30 min updates for CAV too.

thank you for your continued support


OMG!!! That is insane!! 30 mins??? You really want to spice things up!!! You count on US for anything Melih!!

midnightdungpil I agree 100%. Thank to Melih and the rest of the COMODO staff we have now very promising internet security software, and it’s free! :comodomarryme: :). Maybe Kaspersky, Avira and some other solid security companies at this point have better(really?) IS products, but I think COMODO will keep up… soon. There are some bugs, detection rate isn’t as perfect as we would like CAVS to have, but it takes time to make prefect product.

Thank you Melih and others for your great work. I Hope CIS will be one of the best on internet security market, and it will remain free forever.

One of the biggest vulnerabilities is BO attacks… Not only don’t AVs catch the latest malware they do not know, they do not prevent BO attacks either…

I would say: CIS security today is simply unmatched! Our protection is much more effective than other IS products.

Detection ratio is meaningless (as i have written before) and the only thing it means the %age it doesn’t catch causes Infection! So 95% detection means the remaining 5% will cause infection! And if you look at the Virus Total Statistics where it says Failures in Detection (Last 24 Hours) You will see that the failure to detect is huge. What that means is: Current AV products allow infections.

As far as I know, there is no malware I know of (of course nothing is 100% and noone can predict tomorrow etc etc) that could bypass CIS. Now, thats protection! Unlike AV’s who can’t detect majority of new malware and allow the users to be infected, CIS prevents that in the first place.

So our open challange to anyone who claims their AV is better than CIS: Please allow us to give you some fresh malware and you run them on your machine and lets see what happens :wink: Afterall, isn’t that what matters, real protection in real time!

Anyway, the point is: CIS has now achieved an amazing balance of top notch security (noone can compare the protection that CIS provides to any AVs out there, period) and usability. If anyone is willing to challange, please come forward and allow me to provide you some fresh malware and lets see if u get infected or not! The detection tests should be renamed and called Infection Tests. Testing against 1M malware and finding that it detects 95% means there are 50,000 malware that can simply infect you! And that is with one simple sample list that some tester has and whats in the wild is naturally a lot more!

The power of CIS comes from using both HIPS (D+) and AV together but not just together but architected to work together. A malware, if recognised, doesn’t receive an alert from D+, if not D+ will alert. Now compare this to an AV product, where if it doesn’t recognise the malware, it will simply allow infection!

Its about time we had some serious protection. The way that AV companies try to protect themselves is like a dog chasing its own tail! Its about time that a malware that can infect you has to be an exception and not the norm!

CIS is without a doubt the best protection for users today!

Maybe I should build a system whereby I can test the major AV players with real malware on daily basis and see how they fair compared to CIS… Lets see if they allow infection or not :wink: Not like the child’s play rubbish that some so called testing websites do by simply running on demand scanning on a folder… Time to seperate the boys from men… Time to let real malware attack these security applications in real time in a real computer and see the results and let people see it! Lets see how well AV’s protect you :wink:


+1 on Buffer Overflow Attacks and the rest thereafter
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Cheers Melih :Beer
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Thank you for all the words Melih, it’s obvious how you really have a passionated view on trust and protection. :-TU

I’m just curious due to something you wrote:

The BO vulnerabilities has been confirmed by the Secunia list you’ve refered to earlier. It’s remarkable! Now, do you have any theory on why the established AV vendors don’t prevent from BO? Also, why do they all still rely so much on detection? They all have “relatively” (whatever that means!) good detection, but less good prevention and leaky firewalls in their Internet suites. I know some of them has behaviour analysis to some extent, but a strong HIPS like D+ seems to be rare. CIS seems to be pretty unique. But CIS really makes sense to me, so again, I just wonder why the large vendors haven’t come up with anything similar already.


Same reason as to why they don’t use Prevention as their first line of defense :wink:

These kind of Industry changing innovations like what Comodo is doing have always prompted the kind of question you are asking :).

When google launched: You could have asked the question, yes the way you search makes sense, but why doesn’t Yahoo do it? And we all know how Google got big with their innovation…