joined to say i hate it

Often it’s better to uninstall security products in safe mode as the drivers and processes are not running

why comodo should be affected?
if u test seriously firewalls, u’ll see that unfortunatly for others firewalls shareware or not are not able to offer the protection comodo gives to you.
i’m not a member of the staff or anything but i just talk after some tests i made with firewalls and at the moment there’s no firewall that is better than comodo.

but as we allready knew that comodo was better, matousec site had no effects on the team. that’s just old new to see that comodo is at first place for the moment.

and dont make a moutain of a little joke.

COMODO is a good firewall indeed and it is very hard to find a firewall that can compare to COMODO’s. But honestly even so this user is going to continue to hate it because of one bad experience. Every software no matter how good has people that dosn’t like it.


Grow up! That is all I need to say.


Chill guys - everyone’s entitled to their opinion, regardless of what we may think of it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, and equally Melih is not all the same, either. Yes, he is passionate. Yes, he can go over the top. Yes, he provides all of this (products, forums and his time), as well. Any host is deserving of some consideration, don’t you think?

Ewen :slight_smile:

There’s alwil…

Welldone my personal Stalker :slight_smile:

You did not fail me at jumping at any opportunity to have a go at me :slight_smile: :■■■■

I still can’t believe that you are expending your time and energy to troll our sites for negative stuff regularly so that you can have a go… heard of life? if so… get one! :■■■■


Hey Melih people say negative things cause they clearly don’t have the patience to under stand a product. If you have the patience and read the help file then you should have no issues with Comodo. Its like when I go over to my Mothers house and the clock is blinking on the microwave cause she is to impatient to read the manual. Same goes for my job. I have been a GM Technician for over 15 years now. People come in with these $50,000 SUV’s and have a list of complaints a mile long. Well if they bothered to read the owners manual then they could have avoided a wasted trip. I am a completely self taught pc person. Why? Cause I take the time to read and understand how things work. This is also how I fix cars. Read and understand. Isn’t this what life is about.

I do agree with you Vettetech and there are also scenerios where some people geniuenly have an issue and sometimes people do not really understand software development and demands things done now (like someone who has blown the engine off want it fixed within next 30 min etc) or get upset that the software has bugs. It is unrealistic to expect a "bug free’ software especially at the power of CPF! Bug Free software does NOT exist and unfortunately people do not understand that and they have a go at the developers because they don’t get it. Even though those developers are working their arses off to make sure those very users have a very high protection as seamlesslesly as possible. Noone wants bug, everyone does their best to reduce it, but sometimes people simply do NOT understand what is involved and have a go and act like My Personal Stalker Horrifed and bring no value, help or contribution to anyone but have their ego satisfied thinking that they are getting back at us (the developers) because they suffered because of a bug. Sometimes, of course these kind of people are Competitors :slight_smile: who engage in dirty tactics. Who knows, and who cares to be honest. At first post we give the courtesy and help (like we did here), if they take the ■■■■, we simply move on and help others who geniuenly needs help.

We don’t have time to waste, We have a world to protect! Over 400Million Internet enabled Computers that needs protection!


I totally agree!

We are VERY lucky to have a CEO on the forum, EVERY DAY, responding & helping us! Including CFP lead programmer, Egemen (But his too busy programming, but we still get GREAT responses!) Comodo is willing to listen to its users, and SOLVE bugs asap!



This comment is remarkably to the point, as I haven’t seen any other security software company CEOs engage in discussions in forums… Maybe they “would not talk like this” as a mere result of them not talking at all ??

Go, Melih, go!! (L)


I do welcome others following on my footsteps! Honestly that could only help end users! so I hope more people will follow on my footstep.


oh, how many words here! ;D So maybe someone give us finally simple answers to simple questions (that repeated frequently at forum), e.g.: what exactly “security improvements” added in latest version? (official please, from developers) How to get these new improvements after update procedure? … There are so many simple but vital questions in “help” and “bugs” sections. But no answers. They have no time? :wink:
And don’t tell me

  • there no answers.

I think Horrified gets too much attention when he logs in/yells loud. But, that is what he wants, after all. Maybe when Melih is too busy to deal with Horrified’s ADD that a code word is used as a reply. And, just so everyone understands what the code word means, make the word itself a link to the word’s definition. I choose the word BLAP (doesn’t stand for anything, just a word that means, “Yes Horrified, we hear you. Please move on.”).
In this spirit I say BLAP, and let’s move on. :P0l

The official release notes detail the enhancements introduced in each version. It seems pretty clear on there.

How to get these new improvements after update procedure? ...

What exactly do you mean by this? I don’t see how you could do the update and NOT get the included enhancements? I’m not having a shot at you - I just don’t understand what you are asking.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Still horrified :o I hate those forum trolls. They kill good and helpful mood and the forum becomes a trash pile >:(

I agree, but we shouldn’t feed the trolls either. Better to starve them out of sight.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. We may not like them. We may not agree with them. Nevertheless, they have a right to their opinion.

Just agree to disagree and move on. When it degenerates into a slanging match, it adds nothing to the forums and looks unfavourable to visitors to the boards.

We should all take a big, deep breath, count to ten and go read another board for a while.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It’s NOT clear - talk is about detailed changelog for
IMPROVED! The default configuration has been updated to protect more resources

There may be (or maybe not) such enhancements in default security configuration as:
\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID registry hive; {5CE34C0D-0DC9-4C1F-897C-DAA1B78CEE7C} com interface; \Device\NamedPipe\atsvc in protected files; etc. - that’s reported by users who installed last version clean. If you do update - you DON’T get these security enhancements.

Yes, sounds strange, but not for CFP-3 - files are updated but rules are not - I mean basic security rules, not added by users of course.
P.S. That’s not about last version only, I saw same things before.

Originally it wasn’t my question (just for © purposes :wink: ) there are many similar, but I can write one more edition (forgive me my english):
if we have such unusual update procedure (that forces users to choose between they own rules and new enhancements) then why do not write detailed changelog/instructions about these enhancements?

Also I have to ask: if some important (but same time simple for developers) questions are repeated and repeated and repeated… then why CFP staff do not answer?

You can’t Ewen, because of round Earth :wink: