In the settings you all off, but the IceDragon upgrade to the new versions.
Why and for what?
If I do not want to put the new version. Why then made ​​adjustments?

Just IceDragon itself updated to the new version even when the update in the settings. Update itself to a newer version icedragon.exe on another partition.
When installing the portable version is still prescribes the registry. Then have to be removed by hand.
I would like to ask the developers what problemma?
But it seems no answer.
Win7 Home basic 32 bit.
CIS 5.10

We will need more details about the issue encountered. Please tell us:

  • Which version did you install ( Portable, Non-Portable or both ) ;
  • Which is the exact update option checked by you ( for the portable edition and for the non-potable also, by default it should be ‘Automatically install updates’ for non-portable and ’ Only check for updates’ for portable ) ;
  • What was the update option checked, after the update took place;
  • What are the registry keys left behind;

Thank you.

Was version IceDragon 16. It was not portable. Itself has been upgraded to 17. In the setting was off the update.
Now put IceDragon 17 portable. Slung on USB. Down from the computer. Rolled the system. Copy the folder with USB. Icon moved to the desktop.
While works. Update the settings to off. Registry entries are not significant. Removed by hand.
The system administrator.
The full version will not erase even with Revo. Registry entries remain. I do not remember where. Experiment until no longer want. Suits portable. In extreme cases the system evacuated.
Thank your.