JDownloader SandBoxed

JDownloader SandBoxed although is in trusted verdict.

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Hey M.c.S

I will give you a fast explanation so you understand why JDownloader got sandboxed although it’s in trusted verdict.

Software vendors that are not listed in comodo’s trusted vendor list will be automatically sandboxed due to unrecognized file; this is a way to reduce defense+ pop up and also to prevent malware (malware=virus, spyware and other unwanted application) from harming your computer. A little icon one the right corner will pop up and tell you that an application has been automatically sandboxed. If this window come up click on “don’t isolate this item again”.

It says it’s safe because the wanted application was checked online. In summary you can see what’s in the sandbox.

I hope this helps.

Take care and have a nice day!

Valentin N

Hi M.c.S,

can you please submit the file at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis. So we can check it.


Is it also sandboxed the next time you try to run the program? (I mean if you don’t select the option to not sandbox it again)