Javaws.exe infection

Hello. Newbie here so forgive me if I’m in the wrong forum.

I appear to have a Javaws.exe*32 infection as there are hundreds of then in Windows Task manager Processes.

I have windows 7 Home Premium.
Comodo CIS free
Malwarebytes free
SpyShelter (HIPS) I had before CIS.

CIS will quick scan but stops scanning in full scan mode.
Malwarebytes also prematurely stops scanning.

McCafee Stinger didn’t find anything.
SuperAntiSpyware portable didn’t find anything.

Please advise.
Thank you.

Try scanning in Safe Mode and also add Hitman Pro in the mix.

Hi EricJH

I’ve tried running in Safe Mode and safe Mode with Networking.

I will give HitmanPro a try.

Last night I used Microsoft Safety Scanner in full mode.

I noticed the problem didnt run right away. but javaws.exe*32 did start after the screensaver password was used when I came back after two hours.

If you have Java , can you please uninstall it?
Then check if you have this process

Hello Yigido
I that crossed my mind too. Wasnt sur about uninstalling java but will give it a try now. Or rather after I get off work.

Will keep you and EricJH informed. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Uninstalling Java did the trick.
Also used HitmanPro took advantage of the one time option check box, Run a scan with no results other than a couple of cookies my laptop appears to be working normaly now.

Just runing a full scan with CIS before going to bed.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I am happy that problem solved. Actually, you were not infected. These processes belong to Java application.
Stay safe :wink:

Once I noticed the hundres of javaws.exe*32 had disapeared I realised that perhaps there was some kind of fault either with the code or wih windows.

Not sure which as each process was using xactly the same memoy and cpu.

Thank goodnes my security setup was not at fault.

Thank you.