Javascript issue?

When I go to the Washington Post website and read an article there, the user comments at the bottom of the article are not showing up. It shows they are “loading” and that’s all I get. When I searched the paper’s QA’s about comments, it says that javascripting needs to be allowed on the browser you are using in order to see the readers’ comments. In my CD browser settings “Allow all sites to run Javascript (recommended)” is turned on.

I don’t have the problem with IE or Chrome. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Found the problem. It’s not javascript. It’s the ghostery add-on that was keeping the comments from loading. It wasn’t just the Wash Post, but on other newspapers I read. So I have to disable ghostery if I want to read the comments.

Hi oguy,
Thank you posting back your findings, it could indeed be helpful to other users with similar issues. :-TU