Javascript file blocked

First post here!

I have the following problem.

The website 9gag suddenly started not loading properly, after an exhaustive investigation, I found that comodo was blocking a javascript file.

The file is this:

And (in chrome) it appears a message saying that Comodo is blocking it.

So, I proceeded to add the exception to Comodo but I can’t find the way to do it properly.

First, I tried adding “*”, “*” and “” to the Exclusions category and verified it was in the Allowed Sites rule. Still blocked.

If I disable the Blocked Sites rule, that javascript loads just fine, but I don’t want to disable all the blocked sites for the sake of one.

So I’m lost here now.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello Toack,

Thank you for reporting this to us. The issue is caused by a False Positive detection on the file you mentioned. This will be fixed once database version 21694 will be live, which should take not more than a few hours.

Best regards,

Hi Toack,

I’m not certain what the issue is, but if it is the web filter then the way you’ve added the url isn’t quite correct I’m afraid, you see you’ve tried adding with wildcard * in front of the url, but it also needs to be at the end so it looks like also, make sure that the Allowed Sites is positioned ABOVE the Blocked Sites as it goes in order of priority, if the blocked is above allowed then blocked takes priority.

Hope that helps as a temporary solution.