JavaScript Engine Suddenly Missing!

DTS: 004102014-0853


RE: JavaScript Engine Suddenly Missing

Over the past week CID performance has been degrading to the point of weird ■■■■ happening and my thinking its something running in the background. I noticed this when some changes happened to CAV in the last update. Comodo did something different. You guys are remotely scanning to the point it’s causing your software to crash.

Now today, the JavaScript engine is missing! CID no longer processes JavaScript. If the engine is hard-coded and native to Firefox / SeaMonkey, the Gecko web browser engine, how is JavaScript crashing to the point it’s now missing.

Comodo did the exact same thing to CD until now it’s broken. Now you broke CID trying to cram a bunch of hidden bots into the engine.

Where is the rollback located?

Thank you.