Is Java 7 Beta?

I have Java 6 latest. If I try to download Java from official site it mentions recommended latest version 7 but if I check from official site “do I have java” it mentions latest recommended version 6 installed.

I am confused which is the latest stable version?

Java control panel in my system also mentions latest java installed when infact I have latest 6 installed & not 7.

Any info?

I’ve downloaded java 7 update 4 three days ago. It is a final release ==> not beta.

It’s not beta. I am using Jave 7 update 4.

Java keeps a long overlap when transitioning. Apparently for compatibility reason, unknown to me as I am not a Java buff, they think it is wise to advice to use jre 6.

Depending on the Java application being used you may end up having to choose the one version over the other. Java by default will install newer versions alongside older versions. But I don’t know how to force application A to use jre6 and application B to use jre 7.

java 7 update 4 is a stable release but its is currently targeting developers (programers using java language not the one who are creating the jre or jdk)

they do this so that developers can try it first before the consumer or java app clients, also to help developers port their application to java 7 and ensure their programs are compatible

dont worry about it yet eventually your auto update will upgrade it in time :slight_smile:
java 6 end of life is on nov 2012 so there still a couple of month before you really need to upgrade

So that means they have not released the autoupgrade of Java 7 yet, right?

Thanxx for the info.

Naren ,

Some more information :

Java SE 7 Update 4 is the first consumer release of the Java 7 JRE that will be made available as the default version on
With the release of Java SE 7 Update 4, the Java SE 7 runtime is now available on as the default JRE. We can now slowly begin the process of automatically upgrading Microsoft Windows Java users to the latest version of Java SE 7 through the auto update function.

Thanxx for all the info.

There’s also the developer preview version too!

Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 8 Developer Preview Releases

May 10, 2012
8 Build b38
JDK 8 build b38