Java Update

I know many here have turned off Java because of the vulnerabilities that have accumulated. I also think the slow action of Oracle to originally acknowledge those vulnerabilities, and Oracles hesitation did not show any immediacy and importance on their part.

The vulnerabilities as those for Microsoft will always be coming, but Microsoft acknowledges many security problems, although some slower than others. It seems Oracle waited for the roar from the Public before saying or doing anything. Oracles communications skills with concerns about Java need to be improved drastically !

For those that still use Java (sometimes), I found that there is a new security release.

I know there are TOO many bugs for this to fix all, but it would be nice to know which ones Oracle tried to fix.


Official Updates are on the Official site

No need for filehippo in this case :wink:

Apparently they have fixed everything. At least the things that had actually been exploited. I never did disable Java myself. I was confident that they would patch things before anything bad filtered down to my level.

I know,
but FileHippo Update checker allows me to check most of my programs quickly and has been more accurate for me than CNET’s TechTracker

Also being limited to 1 gig of ram I turn off most programs automatic update checkers and use File Hippo’s manually.


I’m the other way around. I don’t like update checkers like FileHippo or Secunia since when I tried them they always falsely reported version numbers and wanted to update things that didn’t need it. I just let things check on their own when I open them and manually check the others that don’t check on their own.

from what i know there is an option in the java control panel for updates
but probably not to all i guess

maybe its the one in the advance tab about the prompt java download not sure though

i just found out that there will be another java patch in the original date of the security patch releaseed on feb 1 so heres the link to a blog post and i know the blog post is feb 12 i just seen it now

By the way…

I f you install 64 bit java it does not have an update feature at all!
also if you have 32 bit java installed and install the 64bit. when clicking upon java in the control panel you won’t find any update feature any more…Oracle is so stupid…

That’s not completely right. You have to have the correct version for the browser you are using. If you install 64 bit java but your browser is 32 bit, you may not even see Java in the Control Panel at all and it will not work. I’ve been down this road when testing the IE10 preview for Windows7. IE10 runs in 64 bit on a 64 bit system by default where IE9 does not so the Java version needed is different. You can run IE9 in 64 bit mode but it works much smoother and faster in 32 bit mode. If you are not seeing the update option in your Java it is most likely because it is mismatched to your browser. You also should not have both versions installed at the same time.

just to point out there really is a bug in java jre 64 bit about the autoupdate that drhaze is talking about
(there should be an update tab in the java.cpl control panel > java)

i just now realized how long the bug was

my guess the reason the bug hasnt fixed or taken any attention is because you hardly see it or even look at it
. i didnt really noticed it since im using 32bit and always turns the autoupdate but always looks at Sun or Oracle site and just download the offline installer version

I use the auto updater but don’t wait until it would happen if there is a notice somewhere about an update. Then I just run the updater from the Control Panel applet. Since my default browser is the 32 bit IE9, I don’t have the 64 bit version installed.

on vista x64 there is a 32 bit control panel and a 64 bit control panel. which gives you one with an update. x86
and the 64 bit control one without an update setting.

Then if you have both installed in win 8 i guess if x64 was installed second you get one java icon in the control panel with no update feature. and maybe your x76 java still updates anyway. who knows…

This has been a dodgy problem that I first encountered with update 9 when the Control Panel applet completely disappeared after updating. I had to do a complete uninstall of Java that included using a removal tool and then reinstall Java from scratch. Since then I have only seen the lack of the update tab in the 64 bit version when both it and the 32 bit version were installed.