Java? [splitted thread]

It seems to be a global thing for me except on the TGP site for some reason. I use Firefox with No-Scripts, Ad-Block Plus and WOT. I have the latest Java installed 6.17iirc.

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That’s kinda !ot! in in this WF thread.
But to finish it here - just a few notes.
For a start test with: IE; FireFox Safe Mode; Fox new profile

Javascript is not Java. Despite the similar names, they are different things. Javascript was developed by Mozilla, Java was developed by Sun. You do not even need Java installed for Javascript to function.

If you are using NoScript, it will be blocking Javascript by default unless you have white-listed this site.

The 1rst part is right but not the second one as far as I know

To run these Java applets, you need the "Java Runtime Environment" ("JRE") installed and enabled

It may be possible if native compiler used, but most of those are not compiled, but interpreted as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong)



Yes, you need Java to run a Java applet. However, a Java applet is not Javascript. I promise. Javascript does not rely on Java. Although there are some similar programming conventions, they are two different things and are not interdependent.

Mozilla originally was calling it Livescript, but decided they should jump on the bandwagon of the hot new up and coming programming language called Java. So they licensed the term from Sun and there has been confusion ever since…

Well, I know that and that’s what was pointed … you don’t need to “promise” ;D
Main thing is - because of JRE installed and applets need it that’s what was suggested to test as above so there is nothing to interfere in this respect.


basically you are right. See my comments above about splitting the thread

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Hmmm… I must have missed something…

OP says he’s having Javascript issues.
You ask if he’s running the latest version of Java.
I mention that running the latest version of Java is irrelevant because Javascript isn’t dependent on Java.
You post stating that this is incorrect because Java applets require Java.
I mention that this is also irrelevant because a Java applet is not Javascript.

Now you’re saying you know Java applets aren’t Javascript and seem to hint that this was what you were trying to say. Then why quote from Mozillazine that Java applets require Java when the discussion wasn’t even about Java applets? There are no Java applets on this forum. So again, continuing to mention Java and Java applets is only confusing things. They have absolutely no bearing on the Javascript issues the OP has stated.

I still believe the problem is NoScript. Unless the OP has whitelisted the forum, it will be blocking Javascript by default.

Hi HeffeD ,

And I think the same way too.
Bringing “applets” here was my mistake.

Not everything goes smoothly in the brains area when it’s “too late at night”, which is equal to “too early in the morning” :slight_smile:

So basically the suggestions

For a start test with: IE; FireFox Safe Mode; Fox new profile
would still be a good thing to check in order to temporarily eliminate NoScript


As an insomniac, I can totally relate to that. :smiley:

Firefox safe mode would be good to find out if the issue is extension related. However, it doesn’t help determine which extension is actually the culprit. (assuming the problem goes away in safe mode) All you know is that some extension was to blame.

I would first recommend simply whitelisting the forum in NoScript. If the problem still exists, disable NoScript from the addons manager. (Restart Firefox after disabling) Next step would be to disable AdBlock Plus, although unless you’ve specifically set up a filter to block the Javascript on the forum, it shouldn’t be blocking anything.

Two insomniacs chatting - I hope that will not end with funny unexpected result influenced by hallucinations ;D

As for whitelisting the forum re: NoScript , sure… (testing in IE is the 1st in a queue)
Actually when the thread was split one joke somehow disappeared, where I said that on this site everything is allowed including drinking beers :■■■■ The one for you as well