JAVA Runtime Problem

I to have had a problem with Comodo Antivirus and Java Runtime. Java runtime will not install (I have tried versions 4 5 and 6) while Comodo is installed. The installations gets most the way through and the machine resets with a Windows stop error. This happened on several machines.
Just stopping the program and killing the services does not work, Comodo has to be uninstalled. I have not had trouble with any other installations. (For printer drivers I have to disable the AV when installing)

I have duplicated this error on several machines and exactly the same result, Comodo installed failure, Comodo AV uninstalled OK. With the failure the machine reboots itself, for a fraction of a second a blue screen (BSOD) appears before the reboot.
The only hint as to the problem is when the machine restarts itself the Microsoft message that ‘there was a serious fault do you want to send a report’ appears, so I did.
The reply from Microsoft;

“Problem caused by Device Driver”
You received this message because a device driver installed on your computer caused Windows to stop unexpectedly. This type of error is referred to as a “stop error”. A stop error requires you to restrt your computer.

The message offers no solution.

The error is consistent, on several machines it is exactly the same, Comodo MUST be uninstalled to install Java. I have loaded other plugins with Comodo AV on (Flash, Shockwave), I have installed other programs and drivers and just have to disable Comodo to install printers. To work around this time I just uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled it fater Java. Lucky Comodo is an easy a install.

Is this addressed in the upcoming release?

As far as I know, there will be a big difference between v 2 and v 3, so I guess we don’t really know what to expect.