Java Runtime Environment Conflict

I have a stable version of the JRE plug-in running through IE for medical image download and interpretation. I recently installed the latest v3 of CFP, and love it overall.


I cannot load the JRE with CFP installed. My previous firewall, Online Armor, worked fine.

I have XP Pro, SP 2, 3Gb RAM, no other programs running, fresh after a restart.

I cannot find any firewall events to explain the problem. I get an error message from the browser applet, “Several Java Virtual Machines running in the same process caused an error”

Any ideas? I could not find anyone else with this conflict on the forum.

Hi sawxray,

As far as I understand this error has nothing to do neither with Comodo nor with any other Firewall

And I never experienced that… but… with versions of Java greater than 1.6_x including the current one

First thing to check is that you have the latest (!) Java properly installed
Only one b [/b] jre1.6.0_06 folder must be present in C:\Program Files
and in Add/Remove you should have only one entry for JRE: Java™ 6 Update 6
Never use online Java update use only standalone with prior uninstalling old version(S) deleting all leftovers folders then cleaning Registry and after that running fresh off-line setup

Why this entirely annoying preamble?

The message and bug can be found reported for older versions of Java
Just Google what you wrote :slight_smile: “Several Java Virtual Machines running in the same process caused an error”…
… you will find troubles, tricks and workarounds Developers were going through with resetting -Xmx and all that stuff. That should not apply to non-developers (I hope) but bellow is from Sun:
Pay attention to the version in the article - 1.5.0_10-b03
It looks like that was going until earlier 1.6_xx version but it seems should be fine now.

I could be wrong with that but at least I am right about keeping the latest version and proper installation of the current one without Java leftovers.
That is good anyway regarding security and we are kinda in such forum. Are we ???
I hope some of the above may be helpful

My regards

I to have had a problem with Comodo Antivirus and Java Runtime. Java runtime will not install (I have tried versions 4 5 and 6) while Comodo is installed. The installations gets most the way through and the machine resets with a Windows stop error. This happened on several machines.
Just stopping the program and killing the services does not work, Comodo has to be uninstalled. I have not had trouble with any other installations. (For printer drivers I have to disable the AV when installing)

Hi michaelf,

Can you please post precise message (“Windows stop error”)?

I cannot tell anything about Comodo Antivirus and whether it has anything to do with this in combination with CFP. But CFP itself never breaks JRE installation here.
Neither v2.4 on win 2000 Pro, nor CFP v3 On XP Pro. The latter had v2.4 in the past as well
Sure it was SP2 and now SP3 on XP. The install procedure was described above.
In brief again: never attempt on-line Java install - highly unrecommended.
Uninstall old version/ cleaning leftovers (disk & registry)/ Reboot / Standalone install of fresh Java. No problems ever.
So what is the message?
My regards.

I have duplicated this error on several machines and exactly the same result, Comodo installed failure, Comodo uninstalled OK. With the failure the machine reboots itself, for a fraction of a second a blue screen (BSOD) appears before the reboot.
The only hint as to the problem is when the machine restarts itself the Microsoft message that ‘there was a serious fault do you want to send a report’ appears, so I did.
The reply from Microsoft;

“Problem caused by Device Driver”
You received this message because a device driver installed on your computer caused Windows to stop unexpectedly. This type of error is referred to as a “stop error”. A stop error requires you to restrt your computer.

The message offers no solution.

The error is consistent, on several machines it is exactly the same, Comodo MUST be uninstalled to install Java. I have loaded other plugins with Comodo on (Flash, Shockwave), I have installed other programs and drivers and just have to disable Comodo to install printers. To work around this time I just uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled it fater Java. Lucky Comodo is an easy a install.

Hi michaelf,
Sorry for presenting the quote in peaces & cutting it badly. :wink:
But as I understand you are still talking about Comodo AV. Am I right?
The initial request was for Firewall.
I personally cannot comment on comodo’s AV at all as I stated.
If it is AV I would suggest create a separate thread in CAV Section and sure you can raise Support Ticket
I am sure that developers will help and it is necessary to find out what Device Driver in the first place.
Despite easy re-install procedure you mentioned it is absolutely unacceptable way to update Java.

Another note would be regarding initial request and your posts - it is something really really specific should be present in those Systems… because there is no such PC where Java is not installed and constantly updated. I can imagine the scream, complete panic, people running around and tearing armpit hair in total desperation :o


Sorry for placing this in the wrong section, I picked up the thread while searching in desperation and failed to check the link path.

Hi michaelf,

There is no need at all to say sorry.
Moreover sometimes it is even helpful. It draws attention to the problem that may exist. Users & developers may benefit from knowing that.
Then many are considering using Comodo AV in the nearest future (like I do)
In addition the scanner already is a part of CFP… and so on.
I just pointed to AV section thinking that you will get more responses and hopefully the solution there much quicker.


P.S. a bit !ot! but related since uninstallation was mentioned.
As a matter of fact one thing is already good to know regarding Comodo’s AV:
If you are saying that you are uninstalling it prior to Java update; then installing it back after and all that going on smoothly - it sounds encouraging :slight_smile: CFP’s implementation of uninstaller cannot be considered yet being up to standards, we have to admit. Have a look at the famous instruction “comprehensive_instructions_for_complete_removal_of_comodo_firewall_pro_3” Sure users should thank those who contributed. At the same time even that is not all that needs to be done sometimes and it is definitely “not for ordinary (less experienced) people” The following install may bring problems too.