Java Popup windows FF3

After i installed CFP 3 some java popup windows with Firefox won’t come up anymore, even when the firewall is disabled. It still works fine with IE7. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall cause i thought i maybe blocked something unintentionally. But the problem (in training mode) is still there. I cannot find anything in the logs why it’s blocked. After i tried a java popup and i close FF3, i have to kill firefox.exe with taskmanager to startup FF3 again.

WXP sp 3, Spyware doctor 5.5 with anti-virus, Firefox 3.03, java SE 6 U7. I have a copy system on the same computer with Zone alarm and Norton AV and no problem with the popups. After i installed CFP (instead of zonealarm and after completely removing ZA) the java popups won’t come up anymore. I changed nothing else.

Some examples of popups i have problems with:
[on the right below, the electoral vote map
javascript:popUp(‘’) ]