Java One Year Later

How is java doing today ?

There are many here that are very critical of java and do not want to touch it or even consider relying on it anymore !

The biggest problem when its vulnerabilities were first exposed was that Oracle was very slow to update with fixes and it was not as secure as it should have been

But at the recent Pawn2Own hacking event Java was the Only software not hacked on the first day. Many of the browsers we all use and Flash and Adobe Reader were hacked.

Again from the Kim Kommando News Letter:

One of the habits I developed many years ago was when updating software if I did not know the old software was deleted I did it manually.


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“Java was the Only software not hacked” because no one tried to hack it. :wink: Team VUPEN withdrew their entry.
I guess $30 000 is too little when you can get $100 000 for Chrome or IE, or $75 000 for Adobe Reader or Flash Player.
Java is considered an easy target.

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Java vulnerabilities don’t bother me any more since I have un-installed it, for over a year have been running with its web plug-in disabled, and for about 6 months with it un-installed, not found one website that needed it, my dad has had it disabled for about 6-7 months now, and I just disabled Java on my aunts computer last weekend, so far no ones missing it one bit, I’m planning to do this on all the computers I manage, Java is no longer really needed our side of the internet, and I have found very few software that needs Java installed.

I believe phones, tablets, smart tv’s and other mobile like devices coupled with HTML 5 and other new web technologies are what’s responsible for the demise in web plug-in’s in general, browser’s more and more have the required technology built in now, no longer do we need the old plug-ins to make web pages work the way we have become used too :slight_smile: