Java.exe uses all my CPU resources (CFP3 Bug)

I found this thread while googling and it appears to be a CFP3 bug,

My setup is CFP3.0.25.378

Winxp SP3

I was having the problem when installing and running Open Office 3, my PC becomes absolutely useless when java.exe pops up, eventually I just uninstalled the java runtime, and I can use OO without it (don’t know why it works when they tell you you have to have the java runtime?)

Does anyone know if this is cleared up in CIS?

It usual only occurs if you have CMF install.
OO only needs Java for some functions not sure which, Writer runs find without.

Okay well I do have CMF installed, so it’s might be because of that? I’ll try remove it and see what happens.

Has CIS got anything like CMF included in it’s functionality? I have used it for some time, but it’s never actually picked anything up, I’m thinking it’s useless to me 'cos it never seems to be needed.

I’m guessing CIS then doesn’t have a problem with java?

If you have CMF you can keep it if you put exclusions for Java in CMF will find the topic you need.
Here it is.

Thanks, I put the exclusions in and now it’s fine. Didn’t work at first 'cos I use a user account, so I had to add them running CMF as admin before it would “take”.

I still don’t understand whether CIS has the functionality of CMF or not though, I’ll go look but is there any thread that explains it all?