Java.exe CPU Loop

I have been trying to trace down why I would find JAVA.EXE running uisng 100% of a processor. This is on a Windows XP Pro SP2 system. I found I could recreate the problem by going invoking JAVA from control panel and then checking for updated. Java.exe starts up and uses 100% of a processor. I have to kill the process to get it to go away. I uninstalled CMF and repeated the test. Java.exe started and ended very quickly (before I closed the control panel applet). I reinstalled CMF and once again Java.exe remained running using 100% of a processor.

I think I have seen a similar problem with another application but have not had a chance to verify that recollection.

Has anyone else seen something similar?

I am also having the same problem, each time i try to update java, my cpu usage will go up to 100%.
i have Comodo memory firewall installed too, this does not happen b4 i install the cmf. Comodo team pls kindly look into this issue.Thanks

OK, so it isn’t just my PC. I have uninstall CMF for the moment. I also have a CPU loop in one program in the DIVX installation.

Update: Saw the thread concerning JOOST failing with CMF. The OP added JOOST to the exclude list. I reinstalled CMF, added JAVA.EXE to the exclude list and the CPU loop is gone.


Reason: Out-Dated post.