Java Downloader & Fud Keylogger

Hi ,

This is some samples, but Comodo IS Pro not detected.

File Name : jvdtcnjqyvivcu.jar
VirusTotal Result : 26 /42 (61.9%)

VirusTotal Link :

MD5 : 7e51a793f04d27e324fdc0bb069e6d91

SHA1 : 59cba3a2b804187049dde0137088d2a0fc76f0e1

canbuq logger v.1.1.exe & canbuq stub.dll


All AntiVirus Not Detected ! ( FUD Keylogger)
VirusTotal Link :

MD5 : 4a408eae447b32b6c31d1c350dce0eac
SHA1 : 081463c19ffef18fbd6b762c1c7dbfdcdaf97cc0

Hello Kruis,

Thank you reporting these. We’ll check them and if found to be malicious detection will be added.

Best regards,