java download for mobile

how can i get java for nokia 5233 and samsung galaxy note 2?

anyone plzz…

Plzz, can anyone help or give info?

I am trying to check online illusion & it mentions java is not enabled or installed.

Prob on both the mobiles mentioned in the first post.

Hi Naren,
The device manufacturers website might help.
How do I get Java for Mobile?

I couldn’t find anything related to java in the manufacturers site.

[at] naren,

Why would you be so insistent here in this forum with unrelated questions again and again ???

1) Search for:
“[download] java for nokia 5233”
“[download] java for samsung galaxy note 2”

[] means that the word is optional

You’ll get tones of info/instructions, including videos

2) join Nokia & Samsung Galaxy forums including developers forums…

I’m not using either of mentioned devices, but I found what has to be done immediately just by quick browsing through those forums