Java Application , recv : failed

Hi, since i moved to Vista i just start trying some firewall, and Comodo seems to be the best i can have.

But, after all, when i use some java application like , when java is loading i get a unusual error saying “recv:failed” that won’t let the application start, stopping it.
The java version is the last one , i guess, the 1.6.0_05, but if i remember well it happens with older ones too.
This error just happens with some, not all, java app.

I’ve tryed to disable almost everything from Comodo, but as long Comodo is installed, this applications crash.
As soon as it gets Uninstalled, everything works, with others firewall too.
So i think this is a problem of Comodo itself, and if i’m right i hope it gets fixed.


P.S: sorry for my english, just tryed to do my best .

Hey vodlka,

The latest version off Java isn’t but

Latest version can be found here:

Uninstall the old Java & re install this one. See if it fixes anything. Also what Browser are you using?


Uninstalled and installed new java.

Same problem.

I’m using Firefox and Internet Explorer as browser, on a Vista Ultimate 32 bit, actually testing without any Antivirus.
Anyway the java i’ve linked before works out of browser.

I just clicked on your link you posted and it works for me so its not Comodo. See my screen shot. Is this what you want to see?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yeah it is.

I’m actually using the default settings for Comodo, and as long it’s installed this app wont work.

The vista installation is a clean one, no vlite or streamed, so all services are deafult.
The installation have just drivers installed and few chat programs like msn opened.

its not Comodo causing your problem cause if it was I would be having the same problem or else your D+ log would tell you something. What version of Java are you using? 6.0 is the latest.

I’m actully using the version of java linked before.

Anyway, still trying but if comodo is installed i get the error, as soon i uninstall comodo it works.
No clues.

If it can helps, i found this solution working for now;msg177139#msg177139

Java Run Time Environment and Java are 2 different things. Which actually Java do you have installed?

Java Run Time.