Java 64 Bit Browser

32 Bit IE is the main browser. Sometimes I run 64 Bit browser.

Control Panel has Java Control Panel for 32 Bit browser.

The prob is if I install 64 Bit java for 64 Bit IE, the java control panel for 32 Bit is replaced by 64 Bit.

I want both the java control panel or the main one 32 Bit, what should I do?

Every update of 64 bit java replaces the 32 bit java control panel.

Is it the default thing for java? Do you have the same thing?


Sorry I don"t have an answer for you but one question.

Is your OS 64 bit or 32 bit, I know a few years ago I would more 64 bit machines with 32 bit operating systems and only 2 or 3 with 64 bit operating systems. Today there are more 64 and 64 and less 64 with 32.


The system is Win 7 64 Bits.