Japanese in pathname in alert popup

I’m sure this is low on the priority list now, but maybe it’s something to keep an eye on with the internationalization effort…

I’m using WinXP Japanese and for the past couple days I’ve been playing with a zip build of an application that I installed temporarily on the Desktop. In XP Japanese, the Desktop directory name is written in Japanese characters (specifically in katanaka: デスクトップ).

While using this application, I eventually got a Comodo alert saying that the app “has modified the User interface of firefox.exe…”, which is fine, but the pathname of the offending application had garbage characters where it should say “Desktop” in Japanese instead.

Elsewhere in the main Comodo interface, Japanese characters display with no problem. E.g., if I go to the Application Monitor and add the same application to the Application Control Rules, the entire path displays perfectly – including the Japanese “Desktop”. It’s just in the alert that it shows garbage characters instead of Japanese.

Btw, I’m using CPF (English version).