Jalmus (Java Program) Crash.. Need help configuring Defence +

Hi guys,

I have a program named Jalmus, a java program for music learning and I am having a problem because sometimes when I ran it, it freezes my computer and I noticed in the “View Defence + Events” that it was trying to access memory targeting the “system”… So I was wondering if there should be any configuring done to allow jalmus to access the system… Any help would be appreciated… Thanks :slight_smile:


What is your Defense+ Security Level?

Have you “make rules for safe applications” checked?

Didn’t you, at least once, receive an alert from Def+ asking you to allow or not this interproces memory access? If yes what did you answer?


Check out ‘Access memory’ event log entries - how can I suppress these? [v5] in the FAQ area.

Problem solved! Thanks for the help!