I've had enough, goodbye and good riddance.

I can’t take it anymore, I’ve been sticking with Comodo Firewall because it’s free but I honestly can’t justify using it anymore. It’s been gradually wearing me down and I give up.

I’m sick and tired of it’s idiotic way of creating rules, and how to find previously created rules. I’m sick of how after creating a rule (block Source and Destination IP xxx Protocol Any) only to have it still ask me what to do when the application attempts to connect to said xxx IP. (How about some wildcards while we’re at it)

I’m sick of how when choosing “Block this request” + “Remember my answer” it goes off and creates a rule “Block from any IP to any IP” completely blocking the application.

I’m sorry, but I’m so tired of this nonsense free isn’t worth it. I’m happily going back to outpost just for some danged common sense.

Good luck then. (:WAV)

How often does the behavior Bowser mentions occur?

Any logical explanation how it happens? What could he be doing wrong, or is it a bug of some kind?

Since the forum is not full of such reports, I assume it is not an everyday problem.

I’m sorry to hear that browser, to me CIS or CF are the best things invented since the wheel or slice bread ;D. I hope you reconsider and ask for help with respect to whatever is troubling you and ask more details questions, not just sweeping generalities. Forums user are here to help you, you only need to ask. Please do not build frustration until when you cannot hold it anymore and then it explodes, just like in your post. Ask and thou should find. :wink:

Peace. :a0

Sounds like he forgot about the Alert level slider to me (basically says at which level the firewall will alert & create rules on). Anyway he really should have asked rather than suffer in silence IMHO.

Sorry to see you go. I agree with kail you may be suffering from having set the firewall to a very chatty mode.

If you still feel like sticking around tell how you set D+ and Firewall so we can help you out.

It’s amazing how he found a forum to complain in, but never bothered to find one where he could ask for help…

He seems to come every 3 month make a statement and then disappear… :slight_smile:


What a typical behaviour of a typical competitor user :slight_smile:

Like Toggie said, he found the forum to complain but not to ask for help… yeah right very convincing Browser :slight_smile:


He is a Comodo Product Downer >.>. (Downer instead of hater for no apparent reasons o.o)

oh… come on guys… dun get offended or agitated by this guy… he just dunno he has miss the best products in the world… :stuck_out_tongue: Since he decided to go… we shall just let it be after all he aren’t big deal !

+1 :-TU :-TU

Lol “He”, “Him” and “Guy”. Browser is gonna be really annoyed when I tell her that.

Btw, it’s not like she doesn’t have a point. Documentation could’ve been better (understatement). Not everybody is a community freak. Forum search engine is (was?) not reliable IMHO. I feel CIS is for nerds, geeks and advanced users.

Hopefully nowadays reading and writing skills are not exclusive of monks like it was centuries ago as long gone are days where people were wary of trolls when crossing bridges.

Whenever average users may not even update their expired AV anything else may looks too advanced.

Indeed nowadays computers might be like pen and paper were long ago…


I don’t think CIS is more difficult than a computer system in its whole.

comodo got competitors ???

hé hé :wink:

Hi Melih

I have to disagree with you on this one. I think browser behavior should be called a typical guerrilla tactic warrior. A quick attack here and there to tire the enemy down only to vanish temporarily into thin air to fight another day; don’t you think? ;D

Peace. :a0