I've done something really daft in Virtual Mode....

I’m usually not this daft, but too many things going on last night and i did before i realised I did it…first time I started using Dragon in Virtual Mode, saved a LOT of files…now after the fact I realise…no way to transfer them? I know after the fact I should have saved them to the ‘shared space’…but done now and it is a lot of files…is there any possible way to permanently save them?

Hi and welcome Jake Maverick,
If you haven’t manually reset the sandbox re-open Dragon in virtual mode, then open the downloads folder via downloads from the menu and your saved files should still be available to copy/paste to the shared space folder.
If you have reset the sandbox, the news is not so good.

Kind regards.

thanks! but…I’ve not done anything with the sandbox…unless it’s done soemthing automatically- trouble is the shared space folder isn’t visible in the windows explorer window it brings up when u click ‘open downloads folder’ and it just doesn’t work when u try and do it in another file manager, i use Salamander…which is why i think i’m pretty scuppered- machine in standby overnight but files still there for the moment…

If you have found your files OK in the downloads folder copy them, then open the shared space folder from the sandbox task interface within the GUI of CIS.
Sandbox Tasks – Introduction

thanks again- and looks like that should solve…but i wonder if i got corrupted install now…i get to the sandbox tasks bit- and i only have 3 options, ‘Shared space’ isn’t one of them…i’m wondering if i can reset soemthing now, but dnt want to wipe out those files…

i did delete the ‘shared space’ icon from the desktop (new install on this machine) when i set it up few days ago, but that shouldn’t have deleted that part of the programme…the shared space folder is still visible in salamander…just a bit apprehensive abt trying things with files at risk :wink:

I presume you are running CIS V7?
You should have 5 options under the sandbox tasks. (Screenshot)

Can you see the VTRoot folder in your file explorer?
The following folder settings are generally required to see the entire contents of the VTRoot folder using Windows explorer, but I am not familiar with using ‘Salamander file manager’.
Vista: Check ‘Show hidden files and folders’ to see the user profile folders etc in VTRoot.
Win 7: Check ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and also using caution uncheckHide protected operating system files’ to see the user profile folders etc in VTRoot.

If you can see the entire contents of the VTRoot folder ‘C:\VTRoot’, you should find your saved files under your username.
Example: C:\VTRoot\HarddiskVolume\Users\Username\Downloads.
They can be copied to any location from the VTRoot folder.

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yes…CIS v7…+ change actually, latest version as it’s complete new build…
and checking for hidden files and what you say there—first thing i did! to no avail…i wonder if they might show after reboot, but i think files would be gone then.

i’m using Windows xp64 bit- so things bit different, but that shouldn’t be the problem?

oh, and it is the free version i’m using…is that why i not got that option? :wink:

i just checked my other machine actually and the option not there either…didn’t even realise Dragon linked into the bits in the firewall directly (still learning)…but when i installed all ileft out was geekbuddy and the prvdog thing…shouldn’t have missed it on the install?

checked my recycle bin and restored the link for shared space…still no cigar…link opens it an explorer type window but still with the message can’t read from source…files definately still there in the virtual bit though, so not given up yet :wink:

ah, got something- the hidden files and folder thing…i keep doing it, applying changes- but it doesn’t seem to take…had thought it had reset after crash, but i just tried repeatedly…says it done it, then go back into the option again and it hasn’t really- so hence the problem.

can’t figure out what could possibly be causing that though…

mission accomplished!

must be this heat as well as the brain damage thing few years back…

obviously unhiding ‘hidden files’ in virtual mode doesn’t work----double click my computer (so rarely use that) then do it there…then it works! so all done!

thanks so much for your help, you’re a man! unless you’re a lady, in which case you not so apologies for unintended insult there :wink:

Hi Jake Maverick,
It is good to hear that you have accessed your saved files. :-TU

I am still wondering what has happened to your sandbox tasks options, the free version has all the same available components as any of the paid versions.
If your sandbox tasks interface is missing the options that I showed in the screenshot of reply 5, it does lead me to believe that there could possibly be some form of corruption to the installation of CIS.

Kind regards.

aye captain, it is an odd one…but…news install on two different machines- both exactly the same!..actual the install file did do some updating as it installed on both…mayber soemthing went bit wrong there…but both seem to be working fine apart from the missing options, so i’ll leave it for now…cheerz for all your help again!