itunes store connection issue

Has anyone had issues connecting to itunes store after downloading comodo and how did you fix it?

I have had the same issue and do not know how to fix it - have tried all the suggestions on the internet and help pages - reloaded, cleared cache, ensured the proxy is not checked, ensured the port number (80, 443) are correct, ensured itune is an exception in the windows firewall, stated that itunes is a trusted site, …but still cannot connect.

Surely comodo must know this is an issue - so if they read this can they give a solution to us?

Have also tried the itune webpage but after going through all their suggestions still no joy!!



How are you accessing the iTunes store? With a browser or with another application?

I have tried to access itune store through both - itune application page and direct through explorer but still same problem. I have also just reinstalled itune, cleared and debugged registry but still not able to connect. I was able to connect previously with norton but since I have had a new computer and comodo and avast antivirus then it seems to be problem connecting to itune store? everything else works on the computer and I am able to connect to email and web pages in general.

It could be an avast issue as I remember reading other topics/posts that had issues with different applications that tried to access the internet and everyone one of those posts at first thought it was a comodo issue, but then later realized it was avast. I belive avast has some sort of proxy called webshield, I could be wrong on all of this though.