iTunes Shared Library and CFP

I’m not able to share my iTunes library across my wireless network. If I set CFP to “allow all” on the PC that the library resides on, then I am able to see my shared iTunes library on my laptop. Once I set CFP back to the “custom” setting (which is where it normaly is), then the iTunes software on my laptop tells me to check my firewall and make sure that it is allowing traffic on port 3689. The laptop is only running Windows Firewall.

I just upgraded my home network from wired to wireless today. I am using a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Before this upgrade, I was able to share the iTunes library across the wired network, so obviously the addition of the wireless router has caused a problem.

The router address is
My satellite modem ip is
IE proxy is set to
ISP: Hughesnet Satellite
Both PC’s are running WinXP Pro sp2
Comodo Firewall on desktop PC is version
iTunes v7.4.2.4
Linksys Router: WRT54G v8

Any insight to solving this would be appreciated.



Please go to your log, clear it then try sharing across the network, when it fails go to your log and export it then post it here as an attachment. This will help us tell you how to configure your firewall to allow iTunes.


Great. I’ve attached the log to this post. Thanks.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Try the following.

  1. Create new rule in Network Monitor
  2. Set protocol as UPD, direction in.
  3. Source IP as Single then enter:
  4. Destination IP as Single then enter:

See if that resolves the issue.


I did what you said, but I’m still unable to access the shared library. I attached the log results after the change.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Problem solved. After creating the rule you suggested in network monitor I deleted the trusted zone I had created earlier and then re-created it using the trusted network wizard. Everything works now. Thanks for your help.