iTunes replacement?

Hi Guys.

I’m looking for an i-tunes replacement that doesn’t have services running on startup like itunes. Basically, All I need is to sync my song to my ipod, and display them too. That’s all I care about. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I would also like an replacement…


I tried it before & couldn’t get my ipod working with it for some reason.

I’ll try it again. Thanks.


So why don’t just disable that service ? ??? And keep iTunes ? 88)

Too much of a hassle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying Media Monkey. ;D


You can also try J.River Media Jukebox.

Thx mate.

I’m guessing maybe my Ipod wasn’t supported with Media Monkey a month ago when I tried it. I have a new Ipod now…

See how things go.


Too much of a hassle ? :o ;D Josh are you kidding me ? Go to search and type services, go there and disable iTunes service or set it to manual (I think it’s better to set it to manual in this case) :wink:

If you want small, fast and customizable, then I suggest foobar2000. You can make the interface look like anything you want. You can even rearrange the playlist, album listing, … whatever sections any way you want. There is a plugin for iPods. I don’t don’t what it is off hand though. A bit of reading should turn something up. I encoded all my CDs to .flac format (one .flac file per CD) and embedded teh cue sheets and foobar displays all the tracks as if they were single files. It’s so sweet and fast. :slight_smile:

Oh, there is even a way to make it look like iTunes. Search for it. :wink:


foobar2000 is a great player and transcoder. :slight_smile: I didn’t know about the foo_pod plug-in.
A portable version of foobar2000 can be downloaded from Softpedia. 8)

Thanks Guys!

Got Foobar2000, Uninstalled iTunes. Found some information here and my Ipod works well with it!

Very small, light, fast & customizable! Just what I was looking for. Commodus, Yeah I know how to disable Services mate lol but even when I connect my Ipod to my PC, the ipod.exe service would load up, And no services load with foobar2000 on startup.

One small program, Have the attached pictured problems. It only occurs for ?-? Files. Any ideas?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok Josh, I’ll try it when I get home tonight

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Are your wma files protected? foobar2000 can’t play protected wma files.


They do play. Just that error and yes they are wma files… protected I think.


The ? - ? under Artist/Album usually means that the information is missing in the metadata, which you can edit with foobar2000. Right click the file, Properties (or press Alt + Enter) and edit.



:open_mouth: This is just perfect. Even allows you to manage the files on your Ipod.